Helpful Links

Below you will find helpful links that will help with classwork and/or assignments.

Grammar Webquest

Paragraph Correction

Summative Assessment Practice and Training Tests for Students

Subjective and Objective Pronouns--Video

Misplaced Modifiers
Dangling Modifier

Modifier online practice
Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers Practice

Pronoun Usage with Bugs Bunny

Greek mythology:
Myths from Around the World
Myth Man
Greek myth references still used today

Learning Styles
Keirsey Temperament
Self Assessment
Career Self Assessment
Reality Checkexternal image GW100H100
Multiple Intelligences Test

Poe Wbquest
Mingo County Schools
WV Writes
Acuity Click here for Acuity tests, benchmarks, etc.
Parts of Speech WebQuestParts of Speech WebquestPoetry Webquest

Cask of Amontillado
Tell Tale Heart
Tales of Terror
Rikki Tikki Tavi

Games and Activities
Comprehensive List of Awesome Games!!
Interactive games
Spelling Games
Grammar Blast
Grammar Ninja
Grammar Bytes!
Parts of Speech Games
Sentence Sort
Rags to Riches
Mad Libs
Parts of Speech Game
Parts of Speech Interactive
Grammar Gorilla
Parts of Speech Review Exercises
English Media Lab
Wacky Web Tales
Similes Quiz ;
Figurative Language Quiz ;
Figurative Language--Matching ;
Metaphor Matching ;
Figurative Language Baseball
--Flocabulary 5 Things
Online Interactive 4 Square
Preposition Quiz
Science Center: Study Jam Science
Math Center: Math Center
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--Use this recipe to create a "delicious" essay!

--Remember to use sophisticated transitioning
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--Rubric used for Writing Assessment and WV Writes

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--Fix Run-ons or fragments

--Graphic Organizer for expository/persuasive writing

WV Writing Assessment Video
Flying Pigeions
Army Theme

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