Greek Mythology iMovie Trailer Assignment--Grade 7

Research and Read a Greek Myth +

Design a Movie Trailer that Demonstrates Understanding +

Present to Class =


View student iMovie trailers below or visit us on Vimeo . Students' work is also being featured on the front page of the RESA 2 website in recognition of Digital Learning Day. Do I sound just a little proud? You better believe it! These guys are incredible. Feel free to like and share this wiki page or the Vimeo video pages. Thanks for viewing and enjoy!

Check back often as we will be uploading more projects such as Prezis on the Trojan War and PowerPoints on research topics ranging from serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer to basketball great, Lebron James.

"Be More Awesome"--Robin Ellis

"God of All Waters" by Westan C., Grade 7

"Cerberus" by Ashley G., Grade 7

"Persephone" by Ashley G., Grade 7

"Hades and the Water Nymph" by Holly G., Grade 7

"Hades" by Shane J, Grade 7

"Ares and Hera" by Dakota J., Grade 7

"Taken 4: Caught Between Worlds " by Sydney B., Grade 7

"The Kidnapping of Persephone: by Emily C., Grade 7

"The Battle of Zeus and Prometheus" by Preston D., Grade 7

"Hades Needs a New Wife" by Ethen M., grade 7

"Medusa" by Branson N., grade 7

"Poseidon in the Sea" by Justin H., Grade 7

"Persephone" by Ashley G., Grade 7

"The Kidnapping of Persephone" by Gabe G., Grade 7

"Artemis" by Haylea L., Grade 7

"Hades: Ruler of the Sleeping and the Dead" by Vanessa T., Grade 7